2022 International Conference on Structural Seismic Resistance, Monitoring and Detection (SSRMD 2022)
Call for papers!

Call for papers!

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

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结构抗震 Structural Seismic Resistance

结构抗震设计Structural Seismic Design
地震与地震动Earthquakes and Ground Motions
建筑场地、地基与基础Building Site, Foundation and Basis
结构抗震设计计算原理Principles of Structural Seismic Design Calculation
地震剪力调整及最低地震剪力要求Seismic Shear Adjustment and Minimum Seismic Shear Requirements
混凝土结构建筑抗震设计Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Building
砌体结构建筑抗震设计Seismic Design of Masonry Structure Building
钢结构建筑抗震设计Seismic Design of Steel Structure Building
混凝土结构梁式桥抗震设计Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Beam Bridge
结构减隔震技术Structural Seismic Isolation Technology
结构抗震加固改造设计Structural Seismic Reinforcement and Transformation Design
结构的动力分析Dynamic Analysis of Structure
结构选型与结构布置Structure Selection and Structure Layout
地震作用计算Earthquake Calculation
墙体承载力验算Wall Bearing Capacity Check
重大工程事故分析与防范Analysis and Prevention of Major Engineering Accidents
公路、桥梁、隧道抗震加固改造Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels Seismic Reinforcement Reconstruction

土木工程 Civil Engineering

隧道及地下结构Tunnel and Underground Structure
材料与构件Materials and Components
建筑材料Building Materials
结构修复、改造及加固Structural Repair, Transformation and Reinforcement
工程造价Project Costs
测量工程Surveying Engineering
计算力学Computational Mechanics
施工技术Construction Technology
岩土工程Geotechnical Engineering
地震工程Earthquake Engineering
地质工程Geological Engineering

监测检测 Monitoring and Detection

钢结构应力监测Steel Structure Stress Monitoring
大型施工项目应力变化监测Stress Change Monitoring for Large Construction Projects
结构健康监测Structural Health Monitoring
基坑监测Foundation Pit Monitoring
大体积混凝土浇筑温度监测Temperature Monitoring for Large Volume Concrete Pouring
工程实体结构检测Engineering Entity Structure Testing
工程原材料检测Engineering Raw Material Testing
工程质量鉴定Engineering Quality Appraisal
耐久性评估Durability Assessment
安全性评估Safety assessment

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